TTK is a leading global manufacturer of leak detection systems for many commercial and industrial applications. TTK’s headquarters, Research and Development centre and the manufacturing facility have been based in France for the past 30 years. TTK products hold a number of recognized international safety and global standards approvals.

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TTK leak detection systems are constructed from a range of cables and digital monitoring panels. Our acid and water leak detection systems are largely used in data centres applications, commercial offices, museums, hospitals, laboratories and water supply systems.

Our hydrocarbon leak detection systems are able to detect minute leaks of gas, fuel, crude oil and kerosene. Our systems can be specifically designed to be installed in a large range of petroleum industry environments such as tank farms, pipelines, airports and refineries. As a specialist manufacturer, TTK / GCSS can offer tailor made solutions for acid, water or fuel oil leak detection systems to suit your business’s needs.

The system is used for computer rooms, telecom switch rooms, dealing areas – call centres, laboratories, clean rooms, high-tech manufacturing plants, double floors & offices.



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TTK Liquids Leak Detection System