Founded by Thomas Edison in 1892, GE all started with the invention of the light bulb. The first development of a UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply) was in 1964

In 1966, GE provided the first commercial UPS solution and GE has been innovating ever since. Today GE’s Critical Power solutions deliver the powerful, dependable UPS systems required with advanced features and benefits unrivaled in the industry.

Operating in 175 countries around the world including the Middle East and with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe, India and China, GE remains one of the world’s most advanced providers of UPS and Critical Power Systems. GCSS supply a full range of GE UPS and Power systems and has a highly trained team of engineers located across the GCC to ensure the highest levels of customer service for its customers.

  • Global

    Leading Technology
  • trusted

    uninterruptable power supplies
  • Critical

    Infrastructure Protection
  • ENERGY STAR™ certified
  • End-to-end Total Efficiency™ architecture
  • Technology designed for decades of reliable use
  • Power monitoring and switching to emergency and backup power sources
  • Protecting critical loads from spikes and surges preventing equipment failure & Damage


Unveiling the New GE TLE scalable series UPS
Introducing the TLE
Series UPS