HITEC Power Protection operates from its head office and manufacturing facility located in Almelo, The Netherlands, with regional support centers in the USA and Asia Pacific, and a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. The company’s global coverage is further enhanced by a network of top-tier distributors, agents and representatives who enable the company to service equipment and support customers around the world including GCSS our partner in the Middle East.

  • Critical

    Assets Protection
  • Dynamic

    Uninterruptable Power Supply
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    Energy consumption

Since 1894, HITEC has been designing notable power innovations. In 1956 they conceived and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today. In 1969, HITEC combined the rotating filter concept with a kinetic energy module and diesel generator to introduce the first-ever Dynamic UPS.

Over the course of the next 30 years, HITEC has continued to introduce more sophisticated equipment capable of supporting larger loads. With a single unit capacity of 3.6 MVA, HITEC has the largest and most powerful dynamic UPS systems on the market today. And in 2015, HITEC introduced the PowerPRO product range which offers unrivaled efficiency, space, and operating cost savings. Today, the PowerPRO is considered the market’s ultimate Dynamic UPS system.

Our Promise

As the population increases its reliance on communication and connectivity, urban expansion, and manufacturing and automation, the world’s power grids will continue to be stretched to their limits. This power dependency creates a significant risk that can lead to dramatic utility power outages that affect business-critical facilities such as hospitals, airports, stock exchanges, data centers and industrial manufacturing processes.

HITEC Power Protection’s mission is to support these critical facilities by assuring safe, reliable and conditioned power. In this manner, we are contributing to the uninterrupted supply of these services, while supporting our clients with the most innovative UPS solutions that meet their demanding and complex processes.

As the original inventors of Dynamic UPS systems, we pledge to continue designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art UPS systems and to deliver reliable power across the globe.



The HITEC PowerPRO series has the greatest reliability and uptime and the reduced energy consumption makes it the most efficient Dynamic UPS solution available in today’s market. PowerPRO’s innovative battery-free design increases reliability, saves space and minimizes environmental impact.

Data Centre Solutions

Uninterruptible services are paramount to ensure data processing and facility reliability needed to deliver an estimated 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data created every day. Needless to say, if the lights are out, the data is not flowing. That’s why the world’s largest internet and cloud companies turn to HITEC to ensure their mission-critical operations continue to process and export data.

ITEC understands that every installation presents unique challenges, so our engineers specifically designed solutions for each individual installation. Based on decades of experience, we provide cost-effective, highly reliable, uninterrupted power to promise the ever-present flow of data is achieved.

Customised Solutions

We understand your market. GCSS & HITEC have worked with large and small companies around the globe and in almost every business vertical. In all situations, our mission is the same: to reduce risk, increase performance, and support the business with the continuous power of our dynamic UPS solutions. Here are but a few profiles of the clients we have helped over the years.

Our in-house experts continue to solve some of the industry’s most common issues, such as:

  • Noise control
  • Emission control
  • Space planning
  • Sensitive environmental requirements
  • Qualification & certification
  • Utility approval & verification

GCSS & HITEC expertly creates a turnkey process to safely deliver a high-quality, UPS installation with fewer points of failure, and natural load protection and support. Through our consulting services we can also drive the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.

The demand for these highly reliable power solutions continues to be met with a technical support team that makes complex redundant and paralleled configurations their day to day business. This simple approach to the complex installation of our systems enables us to work closely with our customers to provide the best possible solution at the lowest possible risk.



HITEC Power PRO2700 - The new standard for continuous power